Synthesis of Functionalized Self-Assembled Cage Systems, and their Application to Biomimetic Catalysis, Sensing and Molecular Recognition

Biosensing and Molecular Recognition with Shape-selective Water-soluble Receptors.

This project involves the synthesis and application of self-assembled host molecules that are capable of function. Our goalis to use a ground-up chemical synthesis approach to create enzyme-mimicking catalytic hosts. The general feature present in biomolecules, but absent in many synthetic receptors, is the presence of reactive functionality on the interior of the active site. We have synthesized a number of functionalized self-assembled metal-ligand cage complexes withinternal functions that control complex self-assembly processes, directing their sorting properties and post-assembly reactivity. We aim to create new functional synthetic receptors via metal-ligand based self-assembly, and study their applications in supramolecular biomimetic catalysis. A wide variety of catalytically active host cages can be synthesized from a simple core scaffold via controlled self-assembly, and these cages can show enzyme-mimicking reactive properties.

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In this project, we have applied synthetic receptor molecules (cavitands) as broad scope hosts and sensors in biological environments. We have synthesized a number of functionalized cavitands, which show good selectivity and strong affinity for soft cations such as choline or peptides modified with trimethyllysine. This can be employed to perform fluorescence displacement assays (FDA) of a variety of biorelevant targets, most notably post-translationally modified histone peptides. The sensors can be used to monitor the site-selective function of histone modification enzymes, such as methylases, kinases, and phosphatases, and target recognition is possible in biomimetic lipid membranes and living cells.

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