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Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
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Computational Modeling
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Ludwig Bartels

Ludwig Bartels
124 Pierce Annex
Univ. of California
Riverside, CA 92521

Ph: (951) 827-2041
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Riverside, California

Theoretical Modeling

Computational modeling is foundational to the understanding of all phenomena investigated in my research group. For this reason, at any point in time a subset of my students work exclusively on modeling, while a much larger number gains experience in doing so for the purpose of their particular experimental projects. In addition, we collaborate with theorits including frequent student exchange and travel. Most of our computational work uses the Vienna Ab-Initio Simulation package (VASP), a research-level density functional theory (DFT) code that allows us modeling of systems with periodic boundary conditions. We maintain our own 150 processor computational cluster and also have accounts at national supercomputer centers. Examples of our work can be accessed via the links on the right.

Fields of Modeling and Simulation

Molecular Motion

Molecule Adatom Interactions

Electronic Structure of 2D Materials