Accurate quantum chemistry in the condensed phase.

Developing practical new theoretical models and solving problems in molecular crystals, liquids, and on surfaces.

The Beran group, Jan 2018. Left to right: Prof. Greg Beran, Chandler Greenwell, Watit Sontising, Jessica McKinley, Dominique Nocito, and Pablo Unzueta.

Prof. Gregory Beran

July 2018-present Professor, Department of Chemistry, U.C. Riverside
2013-2018 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, U.C. Riverside
2007-2013 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, U.C. Riverside
2005-2007 Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2005 Ph.D, Department of Chemistry, U.C. Berkeley
2000 B.S., Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, U.C. San Diego

Honors and Awards

2017 UCR Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award.
2016 Emerging Technologies in Computational Chemistry Award, Computers in Chemistry division of the American Chemical Society.
2012 OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, Computers in Chemistry division of the American Chemical Society.
2011 Professor of the Year, University Honors program at UCR, for teaching and undergraduate mentoring.

Graduate Students

Chandler Greenwell Jessica McKinley
Email: Email:
Dominique Nocito Watit Sontising
Email: Email:
Pablo Unzueta

Beran Group Office Telephone: (951) 827-3791

Group Alumni

Dr. Ali Sebetci Now Professor at Mevlana University, Turkey
Dr. Shuhao Wen Now at Xtalpi
Dr. Kaushik Nanda Now Postdoctoral researcher at USC
Dr. Kelly Theel Now at Abbott Laboratories
Dr. Yin Luo Adjunct faculty at local colleges
Dr. Yuanhang Huang Now at a San Diego software company
Dr. Yonaton Heit Now Postdoctoral researcher at SUNY Buffalo
Dr. Ctirad Cervinka Now Researcher at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, CZ
Dr. Joshua Hartman Now Assistant Professor at Mt. San Jacinto College
Bryan Tamashiro Former undergraduate researcher
Nicole Godfrey Former undergraduate researcher
Elias Chavez Former undergraduate researcher
Lourdes Coria Former undergraduate researcher
Michael Baird Former undergraduate researcher
Paul Priego Former undergraduate researcher
Ashwin Balaji Former undergraduate researcher, Amherst College

Group Photo Archive

The Beran group, Jan 2017. Left to right: Dominique Nocito, Jessica McKinley, Dr. Josh Hartman, Chandler Greenwell, Dr. Ctirad Cervinka, Prof. Greg Beran, and Watit Sontising.

The Beran group, June 2015. Left to right: Yonaton Heit, Michael Baird, Jessica McKinley, Dominique Nocito, Josh Hartman, Yuanhang Huang, and Prof. Greg Beran.

The Beran group, October 2012. Left to right: Yuanhang Huang, Shuhao Wen, Kaushik Nanda, Aymen Amaar, Yin Luo, Elias Chavez, Yonaton Heit, Josh Hartman, Kelly Theel, and Prof. Greg Beran.