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"To combine Chemistry and Biology"

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Cell, Molecular and
Developmental Biology

Environmental Toxicology

Institute for Integrative
Genome Biology

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Bioanalytical Chemistry and Chemical Biology












Our research focus is to use chemical tools and chemistry principles to solve problems centered in cell biology, synthetic biology and medicine. There are a few current projects: 1. develop fluorescent probes to answer biological questions related to redox signaling; 2. invent biocompatible/bioorthogonal chemical and biochemical reactions for protein labeling and evolution; 3. study protein deubiquitination using photochemical genetics tools and mass spectrometry; 4. explore paper-based devices for environmental and medical detection.

Keywords for Our Research: Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Protein Engineering, Environmental Toxicology, Redox Cell Biology and Photochemical Genetics


Prof. Hui-wang Ai
Office: Chemical Sciences CS340
Phone: 1-951-827-3710
Fax: 1-951-750-5138

Lab: Chemical Sciences CS366 and CS303
Lab phone: 1-951-827-7188

Mail: #Name of the Person, Department of Chemistry, 501 Big Springs Road, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521

We welcome graduate students in the Chemistry Program, and in the interdepartmental Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology (CMDB) and Environmental Toxicology (ETOX) programs to join our lab!



04/21/14 - Summer Research opportunities for Middle and High school students: - Application closed

12/01/13 - Openings for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are currently available. Apply Now!

07/01/12 - Dr. Huiwang Ai has been selected as a new Hellman Fellow. We thank the Hellman family and Foundation for support.



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